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For more than a decade to be part of our customers, success from start to finish helping them develop their solutions

We were born in 2011 and since then we have develops innovative and technologically advanced solutions, tailored to each customer’s needs which aim to provide added value to any organization or company.

Our strategy is focused on the continuous pursuit for innovative solutions that provide added value to our customer’s business and simultaneously support them in seizing opportunities in the development of new solutions or products. The main goal is to adjust our offer to our customers’ needs so they can reduce the costs of implementing technology solutions in their business. More than just a services company, Alfamind positions itself in the market as a reference partner for all its customers.

We stands as a true business partner, having established over the years a consolidated strategy that has proved its worth in the marketplace with sustained growth together with an increasing number of entities that placed their trust in the company and enabled a diverse portfolio of customers within diverse market sectors, particularly Business Groups, Public Entities, Associations and SMEs.

Alfamind has early identified the need to export its services and solutions and therefore established a customer acquisition strategy in the international market which involves the creation of partnerships, which have enabled it to successfully enter in some foreign markets. As a result of these partnerships Alfamind has provided, over the years, a set of diversified services to customers located in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Asia.

01.Customer Needs

Knowing the needs of our customers before presenting any solution is essential for the success of a project.

02.Implement innovative solutions

Using the latest technologies on the market, we develop the most innovative solutions.

03.Success and Competitiveness

Fulfilling customer expectations is an important requirement in order to contribute to their success and competitiveness.

04.A reference partner

More than a service company, we present ourselves in the market as a reference partner for all our customers.

Alfamind is fully committed to the following principles:

We have a technical team formed by a set of qualified, efficient and creative professionals who see each project as an opportunity to innovate and differentiate.


When faced with the needs or ideas of those who seek us, we try to find the most current technologies and tools to design the best solutions for our customers.


The methods we use and do the operational monitoring of all projects, allow us to instill enormous rigor in the way we develop all of our solutions.


We are focused on the constant search for innovative tools that can add more value to our clients' business as well as supporting them to explore opportunities.


The requirement is a fundamental pillar in the course of all our services, it is the most explicit way we find to give confidence to all the entities that come to us.


The quality of excellence that we present in all our projects is one of the highest compliments we have received from all the entities that come to us.

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